I often speak of somatic work and receive a blank look in reply. I use it as an umbrella word for the work I am involved in: Rosen Method, Sensory Awareness, Essential Motion, and various explorations of meditation.

What does it mean? I take this from the Feldenkrais website.

Use of the word “somatic” was initially suggested by the late Thomas Hanna, Feldenkrais practitioner and philosopher, founder and editor of SOMATICS: Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences.

In 1986, Hanna defined somatics as, “the art and science of the inter-relational process between awareness, biological function and the environment, all three factors being understood as a synergetic whole.” The concept of learning did not seem central to the definition of somatics while “learning” will be central to somatic education.

This field of somatics includes biofeedback, martial arts, relaxation techniques, yoga, bodily oriented psychotherapies like Reichian bioenergetics, meditation practices, and a variety of other modalities that converge at the body-mind interface, wherever and whatever that is! Somatic education is actually a subset of somatic and should be differentiated from the broader domain of somatic. Nevertheless, Hanna made a very interesting decision. He employed the word soma to mean “the living body” – a meaning that goes back to Hesiod.

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