Clare Cooper Marcus takes notes when she listens to Deena Metzger, the poet, speak at a conference for people dealing with cancer – Cancer as a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving.

These are Clare’s notes as shared in her book, Iona Dreaming.

Deena Metzger:

The onset of cancer rivets us and awakes us deeply to the sacredness of the body. It provides an extraordinary opportunity to make a shift. Illness in individuals, and in society, is a sign of imbalance. We’re in a culture of imbalance. Healing at this time is a political act. We all have a responsibility to fight for our own lives. “To cure” may be easy;” “to heal” takes much greater strength and commitment. In a struggle for a life that feels right, you are working for everyone. The task is to lead an authentic life. Heal your life and then your life heals you.

Deena continues:

The life force breaks through in our spirit as the cancer breaks through our cell walls. It is the life force that is not being heard. Cancer is the silence breaking out. Ask yourself: Who inside, or out, wants me to be silent? We must speak out, because society is killing us. What matters is finding what is true, what is passionate for you.