The reading in Gualala went powerfully well. I see there is a hunger to unite in understanding the power of being fully with each moment, whether one is dealing with illness or wellness. In some ways, it is harder to be present when the energy is there for anger and impatience.

I had the flu this week and was back to lying on the couch content to notice my breath.

I recommend a wonderful book, another great one by Diane Ackerman. It is called One Hundred Names for Love and is about her husband’s stroke. It is a testament to the power of healing. Her husband’s brain scan looks like he would be in a vegetative state, but instead, through work, attention, intention, love, and care, he is able to walk, swim, laugh, joke, and write books.

Yes, there is regret and loss, but there is also a new richness in their lives, and she writes of the importance, as a caregiver, of caring for yourself.