I’m shocked to see how long it’s been since I posted here.  Once cured, I bounced back into life as though nothing had happened.  Is that really true?  I was changed and it took time to get off the assembly line of treatment, write a book, act as if nothing really had happened, even though it had.  

Meanwhile I have a new book coming out on an entirely different subject, or so, on the surface, it might seem.  It’s called Airing Out the Fairy Tale.  I believe now part of the reason I got breast cancer was my demanding search for “perfection” which doesn’t even exist. We’re here to balance as we dance on our toes and on the soles of our feet, and maybe even our bottoms sometimes.

This new book is allowing me to make sense of my life and to share it with others.  The question now is whether I continue on with this blog or begin a new one.  The winter solstice is on approach with its return to young light.  Perhaps a new blog will be part of that for me too.

Meanwhile savor the beauty of the days and nights.  Life is precious and fragile and a gift.  Immerse in the movement of breath in and out, and all around, shared.