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This whole week we live with extra awareness, with more noticing of blessings and giving thanks.

My husband had surgery two and a half weeks ago and is awakened from dreams/nightmares of being invaded.

Naturally! Surgeon’s hands were inside. His psyche knows, and yet the medical world considers him healed. We know there is more.

We need time to heal, time to nourish the soil within. The leaves are falling.

Let each of us feel the feathered fall of leaves, cushioning the inner to better receive, and breathe through change, trauma, and gifts.

Judi Goldberg received treatment for a brain tumor ten years ago.  She, too, used poetry to help her through and also to look back to process what occurred.   I benefit from reading her poetry as well as writing and reading my own.  We learn together, whether we are the one in or the one through with treatment, or the one in support.  Writing is a tool to understand.  Here is one of Judi’s poems.


looking back I guess to look forward
to remind and remember the capturing of a mind
and the tendering of a heart

to the having of endless moments
otherwise taken up with sickness
that is still life not a still life
thing is thing was being sick
was only the half of it

I am not the same
I was never the same
or I was always the same
am the same like the river
or the axe with a new handle
and then a new head

I gulp or sigh
I breath deeply and exhale from the deep
I make noise

I knew I didn’t want to die
more importantly I wanted to live
I did live am living
am not at all the same
or am even more of the same
and the mind which I minded
the life that I mind which I mind
which takes minding
it was about redecorating the interiors

it was life, my life
it took a toll I charged a toll
I am rich now

and now I am still that person
and of course not that person at all
my vision has changed, no really

– Judi Goldberg

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