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It is the first day of the New Year and the light feels delicate, fragile, as though it needs beckoning.

I feel light also, wash and dress carefully, aware there is something precious about beginning.

The air is dewy here today. Rain comes and goes and I feel lifted like the lotus from the pond, aware the lotus, according to Wikipedia, has the “ability to regulate the temperature of its flowers to within a narrow range just as humans and other warm-blooded animals do”. A flower regulating its temperature? I didn’t know. What else will reveal this year?

It is said that children enter school as question marks and come out as periods. May each of us begin and end this year with curiosity intact as unfolding blooms in an open-petaled probe.

The book is out and available on Amazon.

Jane and I are both thrilled and stunned, and now we nudge ourselves  or perhaps are nudged into reaching for the next step.

We met today to discuss how we discuss the book. What do we want to say and how do we offer our words, thoughts and what we believe we’ve learned?

Jane said the theme is listening, listening to each other.  She remembered many years ago when we walked into a forest of tall trees and sat and I read her poems to her.  She had read them to me with what I interpreted as not a full honoring of her words. I read them back to her as they were conceived.

My teacher of Sensory Awareness, Charlotte Selver used to ask, “Why is there war?”   She was forced to flee Nazi Germany so the question had a deeply personal meaning for her.  She would quote Alfred Korzybski whose work with General Semantics led him to realize we need to listen to each other to end war.

Korzybski writes in the preface to his book Science and Sanity:

“We need not blind ourselves with the old dogma that ‘human nature cannot be changed’, for we find that it can be changed [if we know how]. We must begin to realize our potentialities as humans, then we may approach the future with some hope. We may feel with Galileo, as he stamped his foot on the ground after recanting the Copernican theory before the Holy Inquisition, ‘Eppur i muove!’ The evolution of our human development may be retarded, but it cannot be stopped.’’

In Breast Strokes, Jane and I demonstrate what happens when we have someone to listen to us.   We wrote together each weekday morning at 7, but most importantly we read to each other what we wrote.  We listened and learned.

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